Battery Production Line, Artisanal Ingenuity

Our core team has decades of experience in the battery module & PACK line industry, with many industry ecological creators. Our team is experienced and has presided over and participated in many large-scale projects at home and abroad.

Battery Swapping Station, Leading Intelligence

The leading technology of brilliant robotic battery swapping stations improves the compatibility of the battery station to a higher degree. Excellent computer vision and software algorithms greatly ease the unfavourable external environment requirements during battery exchange. Safer power exchange, more friendly to people, more intelligent configuration.

Battery Disassembly & Recycling, Intelligent Cycle

Perfectly forming the ecological closed loop of the industrial chain from battery assembly-application-recycling. Refined disassembly and recycling improve the recovery rate of positive and negative electrode materials, starting from the material end and eventually returning to the battery materials, responding to the national energy-saving and environmental protection policy.