Trim press

Manfred's trim press is designed to support the automated production of die-casting islands. The strong guide column mechanical structure and the components from internationally famous brands guarantee the stable and reliable performance of the equipment. The maintenance platform on the top of the equipment facilitates the overhaul and daily maintenance.
The trim press for large structural parts is equipped with table sliding and tilting, which is convenient for meeting the needs of mould installation, aluminium chip dropping, picking up and placing workpieces, etc. It improves customers' production efficiency

Safe and energy-saving

Servomotor pump set + hydraulic control system, higher efficiency compared with traditional power frequency motor + load sensitive variable pump, the noise of machine running ≤ 80dB, which reduces noise pollution than the traditional programme.

External mechanical equipment is supplied with a safety module. The oil pressure can be protected by a double pressure limit set by the program and relief valve. All safety signals have a double circuit design, are connected to the safety relay, and each action has safety interlocks.

Excellent performance

Punching and cutting speed can reach 630mm/s, greatly reducing the cutting time.

High accuracy, the repeated positioning accuracy of movable formwork is up to ±0.5mm, the flatness of formwork is ≤0.15mm and the parallelism between the upper formwork and lower platform is ≤0.45mm/m.

Powerful function

Functions are highly expandable, with multiple interfaces for side-sliding core pulling and air blowing; free programming, pre-setting the trimming action and sequence for subsequent direct calls.

QB standard series is equipped with a mould changing bracket and mould lifting guide rail, and the lower surface of the tilting model can be moved out, which increases the accessibility of the robot to pick and place parts and supports the rapid mould changing.

Sawing Station

The hydraulic sawing station is a special sawing machine to match the development of the automotive industry. It is mainly used for sawing aluminium alloy casting runners and risers and is suitable for sawing and cleaning various die-casting parts.

Modular Design

Up to two rotary axes and three linear axes can be configured according to the sawing position of the workpiece, making it suitable for a wide range of sawing environments.

Wide Sawing Range

The servo rotary mechanism is matched with the servo linear motion mechanism, and the multi-axis is matched, which can perform sawing at irregular positions.

Trimming Machine for Gigacasting

In line with the iteration of giga-casting moulding technology in the automotive industry, Manfred has developed a special trim machine for giga-casting, which can be applied to the sawing and cleaning of slag packages and casting runners. The equipment responds positively to the development of automotive lightweight and can better reduce costs and increase efficiency for customers.

On-demand customisation

According to the customer's workpiece size and sawing needs, the machine can be customised on demand and configured for action.

Production cycle time up to 45s

In order to improve production efficiency, the cycle time can be up to 45 seconds, which is closely coordinated with the die-casting machine process.

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